You Can Use Prototyping Method For These Reasons

Some developers or developers often use other methods in the process of developing a system. One system development method that is also quite often used is a system development method with prototyping models. Prototyping means a method used to develop a system that uses a prototype. The prototype can be said as an example of a design and also an example of a system that has already been created but has not functioned perfectly. The prototype gives an outline of how a system can work, and most systems that become prototypes are not yet a perfect system to run.

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Basically, in developing a system using the prototyping method, it has the same prefix as in the waterfall method, namely system analysis and also user needs. However, this analysis does not apply generally or broadly as in the waterfall, but only leads to a specific need. Users want a system that can do the accounting calculation process quickly, so the system analyst will only create a system that can do calculations quickly, without analyzing the design, and the type of programming language that will be used. You can use design and protopyping by professionals when you determine the right software development method.

The programmer immediately makes a prototype of the system and he tests it with the help of the user after he completes the analysis process. Every complaint and the advantages of the system are recorded. It is carried out continuous development until the system can be used completely.

Prototyping is a system development method that is very fast and can save time. In contrast to the development of the system using the waterfall method that requires a lot of costs and is time-consuming. So for users who need a system in a very short period of time, they can rely on the method of developing this prototyping system.