Warehouse Shelves Or Racks Are THe Most Important Parts Of A Building

Warehouse Rack as a storage area has 3 levels, they are Light Duty (light), Medium Duty (medium), and Heavy Duty (heavy). Light Duty as a first-rate warehouse rack is engaged in the initial stages, with its use in small and medium-sized buildings such as grocery stores, minimarkets, or homes temporary storage.

It’s because this type of warehouse rack can only hold loads that are not too heavy. However, those who are interested in light-duty warehouse shelves for their 迷你倉 are very much because the prices are affordable, relatively cheap, and can bear up to 80 kg or more. Most types of Light Duty also have excess loading and unloading.

Medium Duty is a warehouse rack in the second level. warehouse shelves of medium type are usually used by medium and upper buildings, such as supermarkets, offices, hospitals, and other large buildings. In this case, the medium-duty warehouse rack can withstand heavy loads of almost 1 to 2 tons. Varied prices make enthusiasts need these racks when they become necessary and important. It’s because it’s such a waste if not filled with heavy goods. However, they also don’t need to feel worried. Those racks are expensive but also very strong.

Heavy Duty is the most powerful rack between the two previous types. It’s because the Heavy Duty type rack has a special design due to this type of warehouse rack is used for large industries, such as factories, large workshops, even ports, and logistics often continue to buy and expand their warehouses because of its ability to withstand loads up to tons. Heavy Duty storage shelves also have excellent prices. It’s because the material used is high-quality iron. Due to large warehouses that use these shelves must have a safety measure. If only this heavy rack is damaged, it will cause fatal things for people who are doing their activities around. Therefore, the shelf of this model cannot be compared with the quantity of price, but the quality of the rack.

With the warehouse shelf, it will help you manage the roo, access the items smoothly, and you don’t have to pay for accidents that you don’t want to happen.