Why Do You Choose Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery seems to stick to the surface. Many people talk about this aesthetic action. Although it is well-known among ordinary people with the term plastic surgery, this medical procedure does not involve plastic at all. Plastic surgery seems to have become a trend. South Korea is known as a country with many people doing plastic surgery. Many people do not realize that this operation has actually developed for centuries ago. The plastic surgery must be done by the professional. If you consider plastic surgical procedure, you can gather more info about dr william portuese.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, plastic surgery had become a common practice. Started by the first plastic surgeon in America, namely Dr. John Peter Mettauer with a cleft palate surgery. What was done by Dr. John did bring a big contribution to the world of health, but the title “father of modern plastic surgery” was obtained by Sir Harold Gilies. Sir Harold developed various techniques in related operations. Plastic surgery is generally divided into two types – based on the purpose of surgery – namely surgical butreconstruction and aesthetic surgery.

In contrast to reconstructive surgery aimed at patients with bodily damage because of accidents or congenital birth, aesthetic surgery is intended for normal and healthy patients who feel less body shape. For example, want to make the nose sharp, want to dilate the eyelids, enlarge or reduce the breast, and so on.

Aesthetic plastic surgery patients hope that with this plastic surgery they can get the ideal body shape, according to what they want.

You can choose plastic surgery when non-invasive therapies are not able to overcome the problem. Those who don’t get the best result from non-invasive treatments consider a plastic surgical procedure. You can do this because you must get the best result even more if you need to reconstruct your body part, nose for instance.