Things That Trigger High Blod Sugar

High blood sugar is a bad condition that we should be aware of. High blood sugar can be a sign that the body’s organs are not functioning properly. Like the pancreas, which has difficulty producing insulin, insulin itself is an important hormone for processing glucose. High blood sugar can also trigger type 2 diabetes. It is not only caused by sweet foods. Now there are other habits that can also trigger blood sugar rise, such as:

1. Lack of Sleep

Sleep deprivation also harms the body, including affecting the body to produce insulin. In a study conducted in the Netherlands, lack of sleep can make insulin sensitivity decrease by 20%. Lack of sleep can also trigger a higher stress level, you need to know stress can also increase blood sugar.

2. No Breakfast

The habit of visiting breakfast is also a habit that is often done by many people, well it turns out this habit can trigger blood sugar to soar quickly. Even the American journal of Clinical Nutrition states that people who rarely eat at risk of developing diabetes by 21%.

3. Smoke

For those of you who like smoking, from now on try to stop. Why? because smoking is a bad habit that can increase blood sugar levels. Nicotine and other harmful substances can damage the pancreas and liver system, and can slowly paralyze the function of these organs.

4. Eat High-Fat Foods

Foods that are high in fat are just as dangerous as foods that are high in sugar, because both of these foods can trigger a rise in glucose or blood sugar levels in the body. Foods rich in fat are called can reduce the ability of the body to process glucose, so that glucose is not absorbed or changed for the better and eventually this can cause blood sugar to rise.